Ushio and Epitex: A Company Profile

Since its incorporation in 1964, Ushio has built a worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer of specialist industrial light sources.

Day to day, you will find our far-reaching solutions illuminating the silver screen with our xenon cinema projector lamps, or serving clean, affordable water to those who need it the most with one of our excimer solutions. Ushio covers the complete spectrum of light wavelengths, from the extremities of UV and visible light, right through to infrared lamps and SWIR LEDs.

From surface activation to thermoforming composite materials, we are in the business of making critical advancements that drive the progress of not only industrial evolution, but that of the human race too. Lighting the way for lifesaving medical devices and pioneering space exploration technology is all in a day’s work at Ushio Europe, and we do not stop there.

After over 55 years of relentless innovation, that tiny spark lit by our Japanese founder, Jiro Ushio, has grown into a brilliant beam in the fields of electronics, visual imaging, and life science. As an enduring contributor and firm advocate for the advancement of a happier and healthier society, we achieve inspiration and the drive to persist in our mission, to harness the infinite potential that perpetually unfolds in the world of light.

Despite being elevated to world market leader status by our very own clients, we have never lost our focus or sense of responsibility for those who rely on our technology each and every day. Through our dedication to this cause, we pledge our commitment to bring light to life, across the world and beyond.

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