Key Features:

  • Wavelengths: 1150–1800 nm
  • Output power: Standard- or High-power
  • Viewing Angle: Narrow

    Ushio Epitex LEDs are used prolifically across medical and scientific applications. Perhaps the most important of these is the obtainment and analysis of human biological information. The contents of our bodily fluids, particularly blood and urine, can reveal tell-tale signs of potential health issues and even alert us to the presence of foreign substances, such as intoxicants. The detection of such properties is achieved by illuminating the skin with particular wavelengths, while studying any variances in the amount of light transmittance and absorption.

    The most common applications of this technology utilize wavelengths in the visible, near-infrared (NIR), or SWIR range. Green visible light is excellent at monitoring pulse and blood flow, while NIR is used to monitor blood oxygen concentration (oximetry). As we head into the SWIR region, we enter the absorption zone for many substances, such as water, glucose, ethanol, and cholesterol.

    The ability to detect and accurately quantify these substances, by SWIR transmittance and absorption, facilitates the monitoring of vital biometric indicators. Ushio Epitex SWIR LEDs play an essential role in potentially life-saving diagnostics, such as blood cholesterol and glucose levels. The detection of ethanol, on the other hand, is useful for many medical purposes and is frequently used by law enforcement.

    Suitable LED families

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