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Discover the full potential of Ushio Epitex SWIR LEDs. With standard and high-power options available, you can choose from a number of customization options. Our engineers can combine the right wavelength, package type, viewing angle, and output power for any application. Can’t seem to find the right SWIR LED combination for you? The Ushio team is ready to use its in-house expertise to design your very own, bespoke SWIR light source!


The most versatile collection of high-power SWIR LEDs on the market


100% high-power, 46% smaller than single-chip SMBBs


Setting the standard for through-hole LED Technology


The standard-power, single-chip choice for small devices


Compact, standard-power, single- and multi-chip LEDs


An LED array with up to 10 W of sheer power


Up to eight standard-power chips in one through-hole package


SWIR-sensitive InGaAs photodiodes for sensory applications


Harness the power of bare Ushio Epitex chips without the package


Welcome to SWIR-LED.com, Ushio’s one-stop-shop for short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) LED solutions in the 1050 – 1750 nm range.

Following a long history stretching back over 100 years, we have spent the past few decades bringing together the brightest and best electrical engineers in the world. We pride ourselves in offering first-rate expertise and unparalleled product choice.

Our portfolio brings together hundreds of certified LED construction combinations and the possibility to request your own modifications. Ushio Epitex now has the largest collection of high-quality LEDs and photo-detectors in the world.

Ushio’s entire LED production process is carried out in-house, so we can assure you that the end product will match your specifications exactly. Whether you need a single standard-power chip, or multiple high-power, light-emitting and sensory packages, our customers know that we deliver the optimal result for every inquiry.

Key Milestones for Ushio Epitex SWIR LEDs

As a top manufacturer of SWIR LEDs, Ushio offers you the opportunity to customize every chip and packaging technology involved in the process. We have in-house experts in chip design and epitaxial growth, device processing and optical design, thermal management, electrical & mechanical engineering. Ushio has assembled the best engineers in the industry under one roof. With every stage of the production process taking place at the Ushio Epitex factory, in Kyoto, Japan, we have hit many milestones together. Have a look below at some of our recent achievements, or visit our history page for an in-depth analysis of our SWIR LED history!


Epitex Inc. founded


Development of silicon carbide (SiC) blue LEDs


First shipment of high-power infrared (IR) LEDs


First shipment of 1300 nm indium phosphide (InP) SWIR LEDs


Ushio acquired Epitex Inc.


Ushio acquired Oclaro’s industrial LED and established Ushio Opto Semiconductor Inc. (UOS)


First shipment of high-power SWIR LEDs (S Series)


Ushio Opto Semiconductor Inc. merges fully with Ushio’s primary business, Ushio Inc., to become a fully-integrated lighting solution provider; Ushio Inc. breaks SWIR LED output power world record with the Ushio Epitex D Series 

Biometrics / Iris Recognition

From passports to secure entry systems, SWIR LEDs improve verification systems

Liquid Level Inspection

Spectral imaging sees through opaque containers with SWIR backlighting

Optical Food Sorting

Monitor, grade, and distribute food on a quality-based production line

Road Surface Condition Analysis

Analyzing the SWIR absorbency of water and ice

Silicon Defect Inspection

SWIR transmittance of silicon allows us to see through solid matter

Solar Simulation

Replicating the power of the Sun for effective product testing

Vital Signs Sensing

SWIR LEDs save lives with fast substance content analysis

Through-the-panel Sensors

Hidden behind the screen, SWIR sensors enable smartphone gesture detection

Machine Vision

Organize and categorize with automatic SWIR inspection & process control

Night Vision

Low-light conditions are no obstacle for SWIR illumination systems


We manufacture high-quality light sources to enable our customers to achieve the best possible results in a multitude of applications. By identifying the absorption and transmission wavelengths of your chosen materials, Ushio Epitex SWIR LEDs and photo-detectors take those results from beyond the restrictions of the visible world. As a result of our own research and customer collaborations, our list of tried-and-tested applications continues to grow exponentially.

Build Your Own SWIR LED!

With so many configurations and variations available, we decided to put the choice in your hands. Select your preferred wavelength, package type, viewing angle & output power, and let our SWIR LED Builder do the rest!

Need some help? Simply get in touch and one of our experts will guide you to the right solution!

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