An LED array with up to 10 W of sheer power

Key Features:

  • Mounting Type: Contact us
  • Wavelengths: 1050 nm – 1750 nm
  • Output Power: Max. 10 W per package
  • Size: 31.5 mm x 17.53 mm
  • Chips: Large – 16 pcs, Small – 60 pcs
  • Viewing Angles: ±65°, ±53°, ±15°, ±25°
  • Lens types: Flat, 110, 130, 550

    Physically, TO-66 is the largest LED package type in the Ushio Epitex SWIR collection. The colossal metal construction houses sixty small 350 μm² chips or sixteen 1 mm² chips on one 31.5 mm x 17.53 mm package. This multi-chip LED type delivers a maximum 10 Watts of power per package, especially for customers who require even more power than the SMBB 3-chip packages.

    A choice of several lenses presents an opportunity to select from wider or narrower viewing angles. Spanning SWIR wavelengths from 1050 nm to 1750 nm, TO-66 LEDs are produced in standard increments of 100 nm. In most cases, an epoxy lens type is sufficient; however, due to the absorption of 1750 nm by resin lenses, a -110 glass lens will be recommended for this wavelength.

    By sharing detailed application information and preferred device specifications with Ushio, our experts can deliver a TO-66 LED recommendation that is unique to your application.

    Possible Applications and Industries
    • Bio-medical
    • Counterfeit Detection
    • Detection of Foreign Matter
    • Hyperspectral Imaging
    • Machine Vision
    • Measurement
    • Medical Sensors
    • Mineral Exploration
    • Moisture Content Measurement
    • Night Vision
    • Optical Sorting
    • Produce Inspection
    • Quality Assurance / Control
    • Sensing
    • Silicon Wafer Inspection
    • Solar Simulation
    • Spectroscopy
    • Substance / Matter Analysis
    • Surveillance

    Key Features


    • Mounting Type: Contact Us
    • Wavelengths: 1050 nm – 1750 nm
    • Output Power: Max. 10 W per package
    • Package Footprint: 31.5 mm x 17.53 mm
    • Number of chips: Large Chips 16 pcs, Small Chips 60 pcs
    • Viewing Angles: ±65°, ±53°, ±15°, ±25°
    • Lens types: Flat, 110, 130, 550

    Build Your Own TO-66 SWIR LED!

    With so many configurations and variations available, we decided to put the choice in your hands. Select your preferred wavelength, package type, viewing angle & output power, and let our SWIR LED Builder do the rest!

    Need some help? Simply get in touch and one of our experts will guide you to the right solution!

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