Multi-chip LEDs can deliver several wavelengths from one package, which makes them a first choice for systems that need to be economical with space. Various chip types and packages are now available, giving users the freedom to select and combine features while configuring the ideal output characteristics of each LED package. The added versatility of having multiple light-emitting and sensory diodes in one package allows us to offer tried-and-tested multi-chip combinations as standard, while also giving you the opportunity to create your own “recipes” for the perfect LED package.

Ushio’s clients have the option to customize their LEDs with alterations to package type and viewing angles, as well as the number of chips and wavelengths. There is also the possibility to use photodiode chips in place of light-emitters. The full Ushio Epitex collection has now certified over 1,500 multi-chip construction combinations.

Multi-Chip SWIR LED Package Families

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With so many configurations and variations available, we decided to put the choice in your hands. Select your preferred wavelength, package type, viewing angle & output power, and let our SWIR LED Builder do the rest!

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